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Geri and family

I had the privilege of photographing my friend Geraldine, Sergio and their family on the weekend. Such cuties! You wouldn’t know from their house that it’s home to five males – Geri has a creative eye and enough feminine energy to make the house something from the pages of a Home and Garden magazine. Here are some of my favourite photos from our weekend photo session. Like this:Like...

Ana & Jorge Maternity Session

This little family of three is about to become a family of four! Congratulations Ana and Jorge! It was so nice to meet you three! Here are some of my favourite snaps from our photo sessions. Ana is breathtakingly beautiful. Like this:Like...

The Stow Family

Photographing kids generally require the photographic skills of a sports-photographer and the people skills of a children’s entertainer. It’s not exactly an easy and relaxed kind of session – I use all the tricks in the book to keep the children happy and to get some nice portraits that will stand the test of time. When I’m crawling on the ground covered in dirt, ripping my clothes, or jumping around like a clown, I keep in mind that I have the opportunity to capture something beautiful and to make time stand still in one spilt second – at least in the eyes of a family. It’s a gift, but it’s also a heck of a challenge –  anyone who has attempted to get a nice portrait of a toddler or kid will understand what I’m talking about here. The things you will do to get a photo will make anyone laugh. Yesterday with the Stow family was not like that at all. My mission to capture a set of portraits was achieved in record time – I had spare time in the photo session –  spare time! That never happens! But this family, wow, this family is something special. The kids were a bit older, ranging from 10 to 15. Yes four kids in five years!!! And they were a breeze to photograph. I’m not sure if is their age, nature or just that they are so darn gorgeous, but man this photo session was nice! To top it off the kids were incredible friends and had so much fun playing with a Frisbee or just running around between...

Hertel session de familia {Parque Bicentinario}

Sometimes in life you come across a person who is so special. This family has three. Luis (the boyfriend of my Annabelle), six months on from our first photo shoot, is full of character! I absolutely love these guys and photographing them is easy. A veces en la vida te encuentras con una persona que es tan especial. Esta familia tiene tres. Luis (el novio/”pololo” de mi bebé Annabelle) es seis meses mayor que nuestra primera sesión de fotos! Me encantan estos chicos y fotografiarlos es fácil. Aqui son las fotos con un toque vintage. Like this:Like...


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